Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Morning Blues

Good Morning Everybody!
I thank God for waking us all up this morning despite whatever type of morning we are all having... with that said... I'm not having a so good morning :-( I feel like crap...
dealing with Diabetes you have your up and down days.. today is gonna be one of those down days. I really try not to complain, because I know it could be a whole lot worst, i just pray to God and roll with the punches. if anyone reading this is going, has went through, or knows somebody dealing with diabetes... I would love some feedback on how to deal with the day by day struggle of diabetes. well g2g... sitting at my desk trying to think of something really cool to share with you guys... stay tuned! As always please comment subscribe and follow me on twitter @simplyjazzie129

luv ya!

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