Monday, September 26, 2011


Good morning my loves. Hope you guys had an awesome weekend. I did despite the issue I am going through now... I bet you guess can guess what it is... yup, I'm having a BAD HAIR DAY! Actually I have been having a bad hair week. Every since I took my braids out.. I haven't been able to get to my beautician and my hair has really shown it :-(
This past Friday evening I tried going to a salon that was recommended to me by a co worker... and guess what... it was a utter mess... not only did i pay top $$$ but the next morning when i work up... I looked like I hadn't even just sat in a salon for 2 hours just the night before. I was really upset... I wanted to cry, it was a waste of my time and money. luckily I have an awesome best friend who knows a thing or two about doing hair, and I was able to go to her and she hooked me up... thanks bestie!
A lot of you may not know but about a year ago me and my best friend decided to go natural... and it has really been a journey, I really have had no complaints up until now. I just figure its a stage my hair is going through and praying it will be over soon.

I learned a few lessons over the past "bad hair" week:
1) If you go to a salon on a regular bases... STICK TO THAT SALON! your hair stylist knows your hair best and knows exactly what your hair needs and plus you know what to expect when leaving
2) When changing hair styles, have a "hair plan." Don't just take your hair out/down NOT knowing what you are going to do next... your setting your self up to fail (trust me I know)
3) Hair really makes a person. if you feel that your hair isn't up to par, your mood is going to reflect that.

I really hope me sharing my experience with you guys, I can save some of you from having bad hair days/weeks in the future. its not fun. remember pass the word on about my blog, and follow me on twitter @simplyjazzie129.
Stay cute,

beauty school update: 13 days until I start yay :-)

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